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 Scholarship Recipients

Briana Mathis  June 2014

Aleea Powell     January 2015





Special Educational Students and Teacher Scholarship Fund, in memory of
Mildred Moody and Alvin Camphor, who dedicated their lives to helping our youth excel in life.



Alvin Douglass Camphor 


Alvin Douglass Camphor  (Big Al) began his career working with youth through the Department of Juvenile Services (CharlesHickeySchool) and later the Noyes Children Center in Rockville.  He worked hard in dedicating his life to counseling, mentoring and helping our youth. He loved working with youth. He strived to teach, motivate and inspire them to improve their lives. He valued and loved what he was doing.  When it came to our youth he welcomed them with open arms. He was an all around nice person. Being a close childhood friend and classmate of Mildred J. Moody (Minnie) he like her extended all his energy and attributes to ensuring that our youth took the right path to a productive life. He gave his all to what he believed in “Our Youth”.   He’s Gone But Not Forgotten 




2016 Camphor Moody Scholarship  

given to Kaila Henden


Aleea Powell 2015Camphor Moody Scholarship given by Lavista member WE Moody









Mildred Joann Moody


Mildred Joann Moody (Minnie) began her career as a Special Education Teacher in Baltimore City Schools. She later became a Special Educational Coordinator. She loved kids and loved the people she worked with. She loved her work and was always willing to share what she knew with others. She dedicated her life to helping Special Education Children. She also extended her dedication to helping her fellow workers mentoring the young workers and supporting the older worker always willing to lend a hand. She loved children and people as a whole.She was kind, generous, loving, caring and would always sacrifice herself to help everyone even if she did not know them personally. She would take care of someone else before she would take care of herself. She worked hard and strived to reach out to everyone who needed that helping hand.She gave her life to helping people and sharing her God’s given talents to everything she believed in.Helping People.She’s Gone But Not Forgotten.


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